Google had always been fairly generous with its cloud storage, but that policy finally started to change late last year. In addition to losing out on free high-quality photo uploads, all files created in Drive will begin counting against your total storage allotment on June 1st. While that leaves most of us with just a couple of months left before these changes take effect, Workspace and G Suite users have been granted an extension, moving the date for those accounts to February 1st, 2022.

This delay in policy means all files made in Drive — including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Jamboard — won't be bundled into a Workspace account's data quota until next year. Photo uploads aren't affected by this shift and will still count against storage beginning on June 1st, regardless of account type. According to Google, this extension for Workspace users is specifically designed to give the company time to implement new admin tools for managing and viewing data allocation. By February, admins will have the ability to see just how much space Docs and other files are taking up within each individual Drive.

When Google does flip the switch on Workspace accounts next year, the same rules that go into effect for personal users in June will apply. Any unedited files created before February 2022 will not count against storage space, but all new documents — along with any edited content — will be included in your account's total data usage. Although it'll be some time before Google launches its new tools, admins can already utilize Workspace reports to view how data is broken up per user.