I use the Google Home app pretty often to control my lights and various other smart home gadgets, but I must admit I had entirely forgotten about the second tab in the app's bottom navigation. It's a feed that alerts you to certain events across your home, such as the addition or removal of devices or Wi-Fi status updates. Google has just rolled out a new settings menu you allowing you to customize the types of notifications in this feed.

For me, there are two types of events that I can switch off alerts for. In the 'Whole home' section, there are toggles for 'Network status' and 'Wi-Fi activity,' both of which are on by default. According to 9to5Google's screenshots, routines would also show up here if I had any enabled.

The other section visible to me is 'Cameras' with switches for 'People' or 'Motion' events off for my Nest Hub Max — to be clear, this wouldn't turn off those events entirely, just prevent them from appearing in my home feed. I can see how that could cause confusion.

"Cookie" is what I call my Hub Max, by the way.

All in all, this is a fairly innocuous menu that isn't likely to get many users excited. If anyone out there is actually using the home feed, this could be pretty useful. This settings section is rolling out now, although it's unclear whether it's as part of Google Home version or with a separate server-side push. Either way, being on the latest version will likely help — you can download it from APK Mirror if it's yet to reach you.

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