Hey Google, you doin' okay? A couple of weeks ago you posted a very weird video, describing the basic Pixel phone migration process with a weird collection of meditation images and ASMR-style narration. Now you're back with this combination phone migration-intro to karate video. It feels like someone on the Pixel team really, really wants to go viral.

This video is much shorter than the previous one, which used its meditation vibe to cover the slightly tedious length of time it takes to transfer settings and files. This one fills the space with an Australian karate instructor, teaching the viewer the basics of a martial arts block. Much more inscrutable is the bit at about 30 seconds in, where the hand model plugs a Pixel 5 into a banana.

You could certainly see this as a dig at Apple — it's possible to do this process with Google's Data Transfer Tool. But since the cable is USB-C on both ends, I think this is more of a quick and dirty attempt at some meme-worthy content. (Which I guess is working, since we're reporting on it!) The narrator follows up by advising you not to use "1234" as their device code. Thanks, Google.