YouTube TV aims to be a one-stop-shop for all of your entertainment needs, bundling streaming add-ons like HBO Max and Showtime into its collection of live channels. Not everyone wants to subscribe to a million different services, of course. If you prefer buying or renting new releases over signing up for a new subscription, YouTube TV has you covered. Any movie you've purchased or rented from YouTube or Google Play will now appear within the Library tab across all of your devices.

To find your collection, just head to the Library tab on any supported device, then scroll down to the new "Purchased" section below any recorded shows, sports, and events. This new category displays anything you've bought or rented from any Google service, as well as from synced Movies Anywhere accounts. You can also locate any titles you own through YouTube TV's search bar.

In addition, the option to buy or rent from YouTube Movies is now displayed alongside any VOD or streaming add-ons in search. Renting or purchasing through the app will add the movie to your Library tab to start watching whenever it best suits your schedule.

YouTube TV's new Purchased category is now available on smartphones, streaming devices, and the web, ready for a weekend of rewatching Lord of the Rings for the fourth time this year.