With its intuitive UI and cross-platform availability, Google Docs has turned out to be a popular writing tool for people from all walks of life. Last year, with the introduction of a citation tool, it became a bit friendlier for those working on academic papers. Of course, not every reference someone wants to make will be from a formal book, and now Google is acknowledging that there may be situations when you have to cite a film or a TV show in your work.

In addition to the five source types the tool already has (books, book section, websites, journal articles, and newspaper articles), Docs is getting four new citation source types: film, TV series, TV episode, and miscellaneous. These can be found in Tools > Citations tool.

Currently, these new types are only available for Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business accounts — they will become available widely in the coming weeks. If you're on the rapid release track, that started on March 31 and will go on for 15 days. Accounts on the scheduled release track will start receiving the new update on April 26.

There's no word on availability for those with personal Google accounts but we can expect this to eventually trickle over like the citation tool did last year (it was only available to G Suite users at first).

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