If you rely on Amazon's dedicated shopping app to peruse the digital aisles, you might have noticed a change recently. The dedicated Android app for Amazon's storefront is seeing some significant tweaks, most notably a new general navigation bar on the bottom of the screen. The updated interface doesn't seem to be tied to a specific version of the app (we tried one on multiple phones), so this may be a server-side switch.

The new interface with the bottom navigation bar.

In addition to getting rid of the side navigation bar (most of its options are in the three-line hamburger menu now on the bottom-right), the updated user interface now has a dedicated tab for Whole Foods. Amazon purchased the trendy grocery store in 2017, and has quickly set about integrating it into the larger company's corporate structure. A dedicated tab will be handy for those who rely on Whole Foods retailers for regular grocery pickups.

The older version of the interface.

Whether the new interface is actually better than the old one will probably come down to personal taste. They're both perfectly functional. Since the change appears to be server-side, and there's no mention of it in the release notes on the Play Store, it may or may not become the default for the app going forward.