It was only a three weeks ago that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 hit a record low of $630, and at that time it was a fairly good discount on the original selling price of $700 for the base model. If you were on the fence then, the latest sale may be tempting enough to seal the deal. The Wi-Fi model is currently running for between 18% - 24% off, depending on storage size and accessories.

If you haven't looked at the Tab S7 before, you can get a fairly good impression from our review of its slightly more premium sibling, the Tab S7+. At the lowest price, you can currently find the 128GB model available for $512.48 (21% off). Bumping up in size to the 256GB model will cost $602.17 (18% off). And for the max capacity of 512GB, you'll be looking at spending just $629.99 (24% off). If you're even thinking of the 256GB model, just skip it and spend the extra $37 to double the storage.

If you're interested in picking up the book cover or keyboard cover, or even just the tablet in different colors, it's worth poking into those as well. Not all of these options have a discount available, and some may only be available from third-party sellers, but there are sets like the 512GB model with book cover for $699.98 ($200 off). The biggest discount appears to be a keyboard cover combo with the 512GB for $768.47 ($261.51 off).

Most of these prices have been fluctuating by a few dollars, but these are the current figures at the time of publishing. There isn't any sign to indicate when these discounts will end, but you may want to jump on them since stock may be a factor, as well.