Niantic has announced that it's partnered further with Nintendo to bring more augmented reality titles to mobile. The first game to come from this extended partnership is going to be themed around Nintendo's adorable Pikmin franchise, and it's expected to arrive later this year. This will be the first game from Niantic's Tokyo Studio, and more titles are planned for the future.

Like most mobile game announcements, neither Nintendo nor Niantic have anything to actually show today. No trailers, no screenshots, just the above hero image that contains a walking person and some Pikmin. The one thing we do know, the upcoming Pikmin game from Niantic will encourage walking, so the game will clearly offer Niantic's augmented reality tech, which is the basis for every existing Niantic game so far, so this doesn't really come as a surprise.

Ideally, further information about the other games/apps Niantic is working on as part of this new Nintendo partnership will be provided at a later date, though if you'd like to receive some updates about the upcoming Pikmin title, you can pre-register through the official website.

Niantic's mysterious Pikmin App enters early access in Singapore

Today Niantic has tweeted that its mysterious Pikmin-based mobile app has entered into early access testing in Singapore. Those who live in the region that would like to participate in this testing can sign up for access on the official website. Apparently, Niantic is actively discouraging players from sharing screenshots and videos of the app by using a unique ID for each user that's provided access. So, for now, there's still a lot that's unknown about the title. Here's hoping Niantic expands its testing to more regions soon.