For the past week, people have been flooded with news — and more importantly, memes— about the Ever Given container ship that got stranded in the Suez Canal. It’s been the butt of all jokes lately, and there’s no stopping them even after the vessel was freed yesterday. Google, too, wants to join the fun in the way it knows the best — with a search-related Easter egg.

Google Search on the desktop shows a line of sailing ship emoji 🚢 right under the search bar if you punch in a few keywords related to the waterway blockage in Egypt. Search "Ever Given" or "Suez Canal" and you'll get this adorable animation (below). You won't find this Easter egg on mobile, sadly, so you'll have to use a desktop browser.

The Easter egg in action (via 9to5Google)

If you haven’t been following this whole saga, we can briefly tell you that a massive, fully-loaded container ship got stuck on a major but narrow sea route a week ago, severely affecting the entire world trade. A lot was riding on this ship’s release, which finally happened yesterday after many efforts.