Area 120 is a Google team that focuses on small, experimental applications. Its latest release is its most practical yet: Stack, a document scanner and organizer that automatically grabs details via optical character recognition. It's available in the Play Store now, though it might not be accessible from all regions.

Stack is more or less the same as other document scanner apps, but with an extra dose of Google. Scanned documents are automatically backed up to Google Drive, and the company's excellent OCR is put to use quickly finding the essential details of each document, like "total amount due." Text from documents scanned into the app, either via a direct camera scan or from photos and PDFs already on your phone, can be quickly searched. It's a great way to quickly determine whether you should return that broken drill to Home Depot or Lowe's.


The app handily divides your scanned documents into "stacks": bills, banking, IDs, receipts, and more general categories like "house" and "medical." (Sometimes it doesn't get it right, so you can manually adjust which category a document goes into.) You can also favorite specific scans for quick retrieval.

We're seeing Stack as available to download in the US and at least some countries in the Middle East, but strangely not in the United Kingdom. It may take a while for the app to propagate to all areas. Naturally, we've already got it on APK Mirror for a manual installation.