Projectors are a great way to watch content at home and on the go, without having to bother with a full-sized TV. Anker's models are reliable and convenient, especially the Solar, which offers Android TV and 1080p video. It comes in an AC-powered version as well as a battery-powered portable model. Both models are marked down, selling for $400 and $500 respectively.

The Solar is a 1080p smart projector with a 400 NASI lumen lamp and HDR10 support. It offers a projection size of up to 120 inches and comes with a built-in kickstand. Since it's running Android TV, you can install plenty of media apps on the projector itself or cast content to it from any Chromecast-compatible app using your phone or tablet. Of course, there's also USB and HDMI input for offline content or to connect another source.

The projector is available for purchase from Amazon using the link below. The standard model is $120 off, while the portable one is down $100 from its standard price, bringing them down to $400 and $500, respectively.