Action Blocks is a small, interesting tool to help build some manual controls for Google Assistant functions. If you've been making heavy use of it for the last few months, we have good news: your created actions and other data now back up to Google Drive, along with the other data on your phone. The change was announced in the latest app update, and appears to be active now.

Action Blocks is a pretty spare application—basically just a wrapper around some pre-defined Assistant routine widgets. But based on a little testing, we've found that, indeed, Action Blocks backup data is syncing to Drive and re-appearing on phones when the app is uninstalled and reinstalled. It won't re-deploy the widgets you've already created, but they'll all be there waiting for you.

The updated version (at least on the writer's Pixel 5) is 1.3.362368793, which is also available on APK Mirror.

Action Blocks
Action Blocks
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free