OnePlus likes to shower its customers with goodies. The latest offer is an impressive one, at least if you're a premium buyer in the lucrative Indian market. There OnePlus is extending the benefits of its Red Cable Pro warranty and loyalty program: if you buy a OnePlus 9 Pro and activate the Red Cable Pro Life plan, you'll get an astonishing 6 terabytes of online cloud storage along with it.

Red Cable Pro Life already offered 1TB of online storage connected to your phone, plus a 12-month extended warranty, priority service, and a free Amazon Prime subscription. For those who buy a OnePlus 9 Pro and activate the ₹2000 add-on service before April 30th, an extra 5TB of storage allowance will automatically be added to their accounts. This privilege is not extended to the cheaper versions of the phone, the OnePlus 9 and 9R, and Red Cable service is not offered outside of India.

Just for fun: in order to fill up 6 terabytes of cloud storage, you'd need to take hundreds of thousands of full-quality photos with the 9 Pro's 48MP camera. You could eat it up a lot faster if you tried 4K video, but even so, you'd need 150 hours (or approximately twenty Hobbit trilogies) to take full advantage of that space. (That's using generally-available file sizes: OP's compression systems might get you a lot more.) A cynical writer might note that the vast majority of OnePlus customers are unlikely ever to hit the 1TB storage limit of Red Cable, so expanding it to 5TB is more of a grandiose gesture than a show of stunning generosity and technical capability.

Indian customers who buy the OnePlus 9 Pro and activate Red Cable Pro Life before the April 30th deadline should see the extra storage in their accounts within two weeks. The Red Cable app is on the Play Store.

Red Cable Club
Red Cable Club
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