Samsung has really been owning it when it comes to the Android security patch game. Continuing that impressive track record, Samsung is already releasing the March 2021 update for several devices, even though we're still in February. As well as keeping our devices secure, we're also seeing some new features land, as the Galaxy Tab S7 picks up some new iPad-inspired capabilities.

Those tablets are seeing quite a few changes. DeX gets some improvements here with improved stability and Dolby support. Samsung Daily has been replaced with Samsung Free, although it's still terrible, so don't get too excited.

Another new feature is something called S Pen to text. From the description, it sounds like it could be similar to Scribble found in iPad OS 14. This lets you hand-write text directly into a text field without bringing up the keyboard.

Reports so far point to the update arriving for users in Germany. The full changelog for the Tab S7+ is as follows:

  • Supports “S Pen to text” function.
    • Now you can directly input text to the input field with S Pen handwriting.
  • Dolby feature is supported in Dex mode.
  • The stability of DeX mode has been improved.
  • The stability of Fingerprint sensor has been improved.
  • Samsung Free
    • Samsung Daily has been changed to Samsung Free service to provide an improved UI and differentiated functions according to content characteristics.
  • The security of your device has been improved.

Other Samsung devices have also received the new patch, and we'll be keeping this article updated as distribution continues.

Galaxy Tab S4

Galaxy Tab S6

Galaxy Tab S7

Galaxy S9 series

  • Galaxy S9: G960FXXSFFUB3, released March 11th
  • Galaxy S9+:  G965FXXSFFUB3, released March 10th

Galaxy S10 series

Galaxy S20 series

Galaxy S21 series

  • Galaxy S21: G99x0ZHU1AUB7, released February 25th
  • Galaxy S21+: Build number unavailable, released February 25th
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: Build number unavailable, released February 25th

Galaxy Note 9 series

Galaxy Note20 series

Galaxy Z Fold series

Galaxy A8 (2018)

  • Galaxy A8: A530FXXSICUC1, released February 26th

Galaxy A20

Galaxy A50

Galaxy A70

Galaxy A90

New devices

The March patch has been released for the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy A90, and Galaxy Tab S4. The relevant information has been added to the article.