Towards the end of 2019, Google Photos started to offer AI-curated memory collections that can be made into photo books. Since the feature was introduced, Google has expanded it beyond simple dates to include types of events or objects. Now we've spotted a few more memory scenarios that focus on dancing, nature, and the best of winter.

The "bust a move" story gathers photos and videos of people dancing, so expect to see plenty of embarrassing dad moves from family weddings.

Next, we have "in the woods," which focuses on lush photos of the forest and nature. This is my favorite kind of photography, so having easy access to the best of these images will be useful, as is having an easy shortcut for making them into a physical album if I want to.

'Best of Winter 2020' is the last of the new albums, gathering memories from the last few months as spring approaches. This is a more eclectic collection than the others, with photos from various occasions and scenarios rather than focusing on one kind. These memories are all automatic and should appear for you at the top of the main screen in the Photos app if you have suitable images in your library.

Another memories collection appeared a few weeks ago for a small amount of users. "Cheers!" is photos of beer glasses, mixed drinks, and other bar settings, or at least what Google's algorithm determines are such based on contents and location. Android Police reader Joe Lenington got the section as soon as March 2nd, but as the 25th, it seems to be rolling out to many more people.

Of course, if you haven't spent much time in a bar in the last year or so, you might not see this new section appearing.

Cheers! section now appearing for more people

This article was updated with the new Cheers section, which appears to be rolling out to many more people in the latter portion of March.

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