If you're into selfies, the Asus Zenfone 7 series is hard to beat. Thanks to a unique flipping camera module, you can capture high-quality photos or videos from either side of the screen. They're pretty great phones in general, with long-lasting battery life and a massive 90Hz AMOLED display. Unfortunately, the devices launched just weeks before Android 11's official release, and despite ZenUI's stock-like appearance, both models have been stuck running on an older version of Google's OS. Thankfully, Android 11 is finally coming to the Zenfone 7 series, with updates starting today in Taiwan.

This new software is available for both the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro and carries the usual enhancements included with Android 11. Asus has made some minor tweaks of its own, including nondescript updates for its own system apps and adding support for keeping Bluetooth enabled while Airplane mode is on. Alongside these changes, you'll also get March's security patch. You can find the entire changelog published in Chinese on Asus's website or check out XDA-Developers for a translated version.

Although this update is currently limited to Taiwan, an admin on Asus's English-language forums posted that, pending any major bugs found following release, a global expansion should follow within the next few weeks. Taiwanese Zenfone owners may also have to wait a few days for their phones to be updated, as the OTA is being pushed out in waves.