The latest version of the decades-old card battle game Magic: The Gathering has been in testing for a few months, with an early access open for at least some countries. Now that's over, and MTG: Arena should be available in many more regions on the Google Play Store. Go get your spells on.

Pocket Gamer reports that MTG: Arena is available in Europe today, with a rollout for other countries planned for tomorrow. The game's pretty intense visually—a port of the desktop version which has been out since late 2019, complete with crossplay. As such, it requires fairly heavy hardware to run smoothly, so it's not available for all phones and tablets. The developers recommend a Snapdragon 845, Exynos 9810, Kirin 970, or better. To put that in more obvious terms: on the Play Store my Pixel 3a XL isn't listed as compatible, but the newer and more powerful Pixel 4a is.

Logging into the mobile version of MTG: Arena should get you access to all of your cards and decks from the desktop version. The mobile version does not support the friends list or redeeming codes. Even so, it should be a great way to get in a few games on the go or tweak your decks.

MTG: Arena is a hefty 1.9GB once fully installed, and it has in-app purchases from $5-50 for decks and other accoutrements. The game already has more than half a million installations on Android, so it's clear that there are plenty of players going at it, even if its 3.9 review score is a bit lackluster.