Google has become invaluable to students and teachers, especially with remote learning becoming a necessity all around the world. Despite some of their shortcomings, the company's tools are generally incredibly helpful, and now, Google has highlighted a few more education-focused features in its core product Search.

Google has added over 2000 STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts to its results, giving you easy and fast access to educational overviews of topics such as "chemical bonds." The overview provides details on types, examples, practice problems, worksheets, and calculators. The STEM resources and the practice problems have been available on desktops for a while following a smaller redesign, but it looks like Google is only making them more widely available in the US now. Google has also re-introduced its AR 3D models of chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy concepts, which have been available on phones for a while now. And if you're stuck on math problems during homework, you can ask Google Lens for help.

For the next few weeks, Google has another neat new option planned. It wants to help with complicated STEM questions such as "0.50 moles of NaCI are dissolved in 2.5 L of water, what is the molarity?" You'll be able to punch questions like this into Google Search, which will help you with detailed explanations and provide you with similar questions for practice.

While the announcement doesn't bring too many new things to the table, it's great to see Google reiterating its focus on education. That's right in line with recent adjustments to the parental supervision tool Family Link and child accounts.