One of the most fun things about new versions of Android is seeing all the new visual bling Google builds into the operating system. One such example was spotted by developer @kdrag0n, who managed to get it working on Android 12, Developer Preview 2. It's a more busy, "noisy" animation for tapping a standard interface item.

The ripple animation is documented  as a new part of the RippleDrawable animation style first added way back in Lollipop (5.0). It shows a more scratchy animation pattern centered on the main tap point, rather than more broadly highlighting the entire interface item. You can see a demonstration in the short video below, along with a "bounce" overscroll instead of the slight shadow or highlight usually seen in AOSP:

It's a subtle change, but one that's gives the interface a bit more depth and pop. It doesn't appear to be enabled by default for any of Android's standard menus or items, but that may change as the developer preview program continues. Even if it doesn't, developers can apply it to their own apps now, though it'll only work on Android 12.