Heavy Spotify users know that its interface is functional, but a long way from elegant. The streaming service is planning a few targeted updates to the app's home screen, hopefully making it simpler to get to the content you're looking for. The changes are focused on exploring the songs you've already enjoyed, and podcasts. Because of course, podcasts.

Free and paid users will get quicker access to a new "Recently played" section, pulling from your recently-played tracks, albums, and podcast episodes, with added context for music that's been featured in movies, TV shows, et cetera. Premium subscribers will get access to new podcast episodes, shown with a blue dot, and a quick link to episodes that you haven't finished yet. A progress bar will show how much music you have remaining.

Premium subscribers also get a new and refreshed discovery section, highlighting new music from your favorite artists and from similar artists that match your tastes. Why free users don't get this isn't elucidated; surely if the service was better at figuring out what you want, you'd be even more inclined to pay for it?

Spotify showed off the changes with an embedded video, but didn't say when they'd be rolling out on Android and iOS. It doesn't seem to be live in the version on the Play Store, at least on my phone. Based on "this month" on the blog post, it should be within the next few weeks.