LG's continued existence in the world of Android is looking less and less certain by the day. Despite hinting at signs of life after its LG Rollable passed through Bluetooth certification last week, new reports suggest that LG might still leave the smartphone industry entirely by shutting down its mobile division altogether.

In January, rumors swelled that LG was seeking to sell its phone business to an external company, but that plan may not be panning out. According to a new report from DongA Ilbo, LG's negotiations with Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup and German car corporation Volkswagen AG have broken down. Without a buyer, LG is now reportedly considering closing its entire phone division entirely.

Though the LG Rollable might still make it to market this year after being Bluetooth-certified last week, it seems the company has halted plans for any phones in the immediate future. There's no definite answer for when LG may decide to bail on smartphones, but employees could learn its decision sometime in April.