The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is an extremely good phone. It's got great cameras, and thanks to its overkill specs, its performance is up there with any current Android device. If you've been itching for one but paying four figures for a phone rubs you the wrong way, consider this: you can pick one up direct from Samsung for $900 right now, plus an extra $250 in store credit.

Samsung's software isn't to everyone's taste, and with a 6.8-inch display, the S21 Ultra is absolutely enormous, which might put off folks who don't have big meaty claws. But the hardware ticks a ton of boxes: that gigantor screen is a fantastic 120Hz OLED panel, it's got really good battery life, and its 10x telephoto camera can kick out some impressive zoom shots.

To get your extra $100 off, enter code GALAXY100 at checkout. At $899.99, the phone is $300 under MSRP. You also get $250 in Samsung Credit, so you can grab some Galaxy Buds Pro, a case, and a charger to go with it — all free.