Any guitarist, bassist, or string instrument aficionado knows how quickly they can drain their wallets on buying the latest amps and effects. But in the modern digital age, musicians no longer have to fork over thousands upon thousands of dollars to lock in their signature sound — it can all be done through a smartphone! Introducing Deplike, a robust guitar amp and effects emulation app for Android and iOS built to make guitar gear more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Deplike is a true-to-life amp and effects emulation application designed to give guitarists complete mobility without sacrificing on sound quality and features. It claims to be one of the best digital substitutes for analog equipment on the market, providing high-quality, hyper-realistic audio and real-time audio processing that puts it on par with more expensive amps and effects pedals. Not only that, but since Deplike's offerings are modeled after some of the most iconic amps throughout history, it'll sound like your favorite gear, too.

The app is equipped with up to 21 guitar pedals and 15 guitar amps that can be accessed via an in-app purchase (more on that below). If you're not sure you're ready to put money down quite yet, you can still access 4 free amps and 2 free pedals without paying a dime. Deplike also comes loaded with features musicians would expect, like a tuner, metronome, backing track, and a virtual guitarist that allows players to hear and sample presets. Players can even save their favorite presets, share them via social media, and access any of the 25,000+ presets that have already been made by the Deplike community.

The developers tell us it's the only amp emulation app of its kind that supports USB audio interfaces on Android, not to mention it completely eliminates Android's audio latency issues by utilizing its own USB driver. To aid in this endeavor, the team at Deplike developed their own audio engine Nefi, a solution that allows Deplike to seamlessly work with USB and analog audio interfaces with ultra-low latency.

Try Deplike for free, or save 30% on a one-time purchase of Deplike Premium

Deplike makes it easy to get started. Simply download the app here or from the Play Store widget below, open it up, plug your instrument into your phone using a USB or analog audio interface (sold separately), select your amp/effects combo, and start playing.

You'll have access to 4 free amps and 2 free pedals from the start. If you'd like to check out Deplike's complete library of 15 amps and 21 effects, they offer a variety of purchase options, including a monthly subscription ($7.99 a month), an annual subscription ($36 a year), and a one-time payment to unlock all features with no time restrictions, letting you pay the way you want to play. Even better, Deplike is currently giving Android Police readers 30% off a lifetime purchase, meaning you can buy Deplike Premium for just $27 and own it forever.

Deplike is currently enjoyed by 2 million musicians on Android and iOS, and it will be coming to Windows and macOS later this year. To learn more, check out the official Deplike website here.

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