Clubhouse is the new hotness right now, but the devs only started working on an app for Android in January, and there's no word yet on when that might drop. If you're looking for something to fill the void, Telegram's new update builds on the voice calls introduced at the end of last year, adding audio recording, virtual hand raising, and unlimited listeners.

By far, the biggest change here — and the one that feels closest to taking on Clubhouse — is limitless users in voice chats. Telegram already allowed for thousands of participants to listen in on a call, but with today's update, the app now supports "millions of live listeners" in both channels and public groups. A voice chat that large is bound to get rowdy, so a "raise hand" button now exists for muted participants to get the host's attention before being unmuted.

Aspiring podcasters everywhere will be thrilled to learn that voice chats can now be recorded to your saved messages folder. Any channels currently recording will be marked with a red dot, so you can know ahead of time if a conversation is being kept. If you're looking to directly link to a voice channel, Telegram now lets you create independent direct links for both speakers and listeners. And once you've found a voice chat to join, you can now choose to go public with your channel username or stay private with your personal account.

This update isn't solely focused on new features for group calls. It's now easier to switch groups before forwarding a link (in case you initially selected the wrong thread) and a resume playback function has been added for long voice messages, something videos already had. Finally, Android users can now assign a specific action when swiping left on a thread in the chat list.

You can download the newest update from the Google Play Store below or grab it from APK Mirror.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free