Google's newest Pixel Buds are a huge improvement over the first version. They're true wireless, for one, but they also come in a sleek little case and sound pretty nice, to boot. They're normally pretty pricey, though, at their MSRP of $179 — but they're $20 off today from a number of retailers.

With about five hours of battery life and no noise canceling, the Pixel Buds are more or less middle of the road when it comes to features. Their design is ultra-slick, though: the buds themselves are tiny, and the charging case is extremely well built. They also have always-on Hey Google listening, and "spacial vents" to let in some ambient sound — which may or may not be desirable to you based on your use case.

$20 off at the Google Store.

We saw a similar deal back in December. If you don't mind the Pixel Buds' shortcomings and unique design, $159 is a pretty fair price. You can pick them up at any of the retailers listed below.