The evergreen TeamWin Recovery Project received a sizable update to 3.5 back in December. Late last night they posted 3.5.1, which they're calling a "mini release," waiting for full support for Android 11. Most of the changes are housekeeping and small support additions, now split into two branches for Android 9 and 10.

The new changes, supplied by tireless volunteer developers, are shown in the full changelog:

Android 9 Branch:
• Fixes
◦ Build compilation in 7.1 tree - CaptainThrowback
◦ SAR: Don't follow symbolic links for block devices - bigbiff
◦ SAR Update script name for clarity - CaptainThrowback

Android 9 and Android 10 Branches:
• Wrappedkey support running only on FBE devices - CaptainThrowback
• TWRP App log information reduced - epicX67
• Refresh details after system wipe and adb sideload - AdrianDC
• Chinese translation updates - betaxb
• Support keymaster 2 - PeterCxy
• add tzdata to TWRP for timezones - CaptainThrowback
• ParitionManager: support delayed adopted storage mount - PeterCxy
• Support to start terminal from file manager directory - AndroiableDroid
• Nano support - nebrassy
• Add nano support to open files from file manager - CaptainThrowback
• Include new magisk apk support to be installed by TWRP - ianmacd
• Add support to change directory name where TWRP stores backups - epicX67
• Add bash support - not the default shell - DarthJabba9
• ORS support to format data - AdrianDC
• Add support to flash both slots when flashing an image - epicX67
• NL translation updates - ianmacd
• Cleanup
◦ Installation cleanup - remove dupe PackageExtractFn - klabit87
◦ Remove logd-reinit service - CaptainThrowback
◦ Fixes
◦ Restore system root context - bigbiff
◦ Only include keymaster 2 if tree supports it - CaptainThrowback
◦ Strip lines containing '--' in - ianmacd
◦ Unlocalized string fix - ianmacd

All devices officially supported by TWRP should have updated builds of the recovery posted now, ready to flash. The TWRP app on the Play Store (or on APK Mirror) is the easiest way to grab an update. If you rely on unofficial ports of  the open source project, you'll have to wait for their individual maintainers to release an updated build.

Official TWRP App
Official TWRP App
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