Last year's OnePlus 8 Pro was the company's first model to support wireless charging, and they did it with a splash, adding support for a proprietary 30-watt "Warp" charger. According to leaks on the upcoming refresh, the 9 Pro will boost that to 50 watts, presumably speeding up the wireless charge rate even more.

Previously the OnePlus 9 pro was rumored to support 45-watt wireless charging. According to a report from frequent leaker Ishan Agarwal, the phone will launch alongside a sold-separately premium wireless charger, just like the last model. The OnePlus 9 Pro and the cheaper 9 model will both support standard Qi wireless charging, Agarwal says, though the non-Pro won't have access to those higher charging speeds. Last year the OnePlus 8 (sans Pro) was left without wireless charging capability.

Days after the initial leaks, OnePlus released a video of the 9 Pro charging wirelessly versus an iPhone on a Lightning cable, going from 1% to a full battery in just 43 minutes and change. A forum post confirms that the next gen version of the proprietary Warp wireless charger uses 50 watts. Combined with a dual-chambered battery and adjustments for the induction coils, it's approximately twice as fast as the charging in the 8 Pro, and can reach the same speed in horizontal mode on the Warp Charger.

The presumption is that OnePlus has an even playing field for the test above, which would mean a OnePlus 9 Pro versus an iPhone 12 with its fastest wired charging, using a 20 watt adapter. Of course, we don't see what adapter the iPhone is using. The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro will boost wired charging to 65 watts, with a full 1-to-100 charge taking just 29 minutes.

Various leaks of both devices have already occurred, showing us the rear camera design and a few other hardware options. There are also rumors of a OnePlus 9 Lite, giving the company the same three-model flagship approach as Samsung. The announcement is confirmed and scheduled for March 23rd.

OnePlus confirms 50 watt charger

This article was updated to add OnePlus's promotional video for the new wireless charger.