In addition to the pattern-based tweaks we covered yesterday, Android 12 Developer Preview 2 also a few more lock screen-related adjustments, including a bigger and brighter emergency call button that follows your system accent color and a new enter button that conversely loses its accent color highlight. The lock icon at the top of the keyguard (which disappeared in DP1) is also back, and the break separating the number pad from the bulleted input field has been removed. Together with those changes, everything has been shifted up just slightly.


Left: Android 11. Middle: Android 12 DP1. Right: Android 12 DP2. 

All of these changes are visible in the comparisons above. In Android 11 (and in Android 12 DP1), the enter button was round and pulled the system accent color while the emergency call button was simply outlined mostly transparent — and frankly a bit difficult to spot. On Android 12 DP2, the two icons have basically switched styles: The emergency call button is now big and bright, picking up on that system accent color, and the enter button is plainer and matches the other items on the keyguard number pad.

The break that separated the number pad from the sort of entry indicator above it has also been removed, and the lock icon at the top of the keyguard, present in Android 11 but missing in Android 12 DP1, is back in DP2. Visible in the bottom corners, Android 12 also now has a persistent indicator for the Assistant gesture on both the lockscreen and keyguard. Android 10 and later show a similar indicator on the home screen for triggering the Google Assistant ever since we got the feature — but that fades out after a short time, and this is persistent.

I should point out: Some other Android 11 devices do have a persistent indicator on the lockscreen for the corner Assistant gestures as well, and I'm not entirely sure if Google's Pixels on Android 11 previously had the feature and it was disabled, but the difference is present on all Google devices I have tested between the current version of Android 11 and Android 12 DP2.

We originally thought that the corner indicators for the Assistant may be new, as they didn't appear on Pixels running Android 11 in our testing. We have since confirmed in more extensive testing that the explanation is more complex than that: The indicators appear following major updates for a short while, hence their appearance on Android 12 DP2 following a major update, but not Pixels which had been running their respective Android 11 releases for a longer period of time.

Accompanying all of this is a general slight shift up for content on the keyguard.

So far, Android 12 has quite a few changes meant to accommodate accent color tweaks, from the media player to the thicker pattern unlock trail and the hotly anticipated "monet" feature, which could bring wallpaper-based accent colors to Android 12 (if and when it lands).

For more about Android 12, check out our ongoing series coverage here, or bookmark our regularly updated changelog and check back in later. If you want to install the developer preview on your own device, find out how in our Android 12 download guide.