Even if you don't use them often, accessibility options are some of the most important settings on your phone. Google has baked in plenty of features to help those with disabilities use Android, but over time, the accessibility menu has become cluttered and hard to navigate. On Android 12 DP2, however, Google has shuffled a few key controls to make it a lot easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

Left: Android 12 DP1. Right: Android 12 DP2.

The biggest differences can be seen in the Text and display submenu. Several of the options related to screen brightness, including Dark theme, Color inversion, and Reduce brightness have all been shifted into a new "Turn screen darker" option found within Text and display. Giving these settings a unique page helps make both menus easier to read, and makes room for essential tools like font and display size to be moved up to the top of the list.

A few other adjustments were made throughout Accessibility as well. Select to Speak is now listed under Display, rather than Screen Readers, and the Audio and On-screen Text category has been divided into two new subcategories: Captions and Audio.

Left: Android 12 DP1 / Right: Android 12 DP2

The changes are individually small, but it all adds up to a much cleaner interface when trying to customize your experience on Android.

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