If you're a fan of Xiaomi's flagship sensibilities, but not the high prices that come along with them, you might be in luck. A new alleged leak shows a Lite variant of the Mi 11, which caused a stir when it launched internationally last month. It appears to be a midrange alternative to the high-end original, but with rumored specs including a Snapdragon 765G processor, it might just hit the spot.

91 Mobiles says that the Mi 11 Lite is expected to launch in India and other markets next month, showing off rendered images of black, blue, and slightly-pinkish variants. Leaked specs include the aforementioned 765G with 5G capabilities, 6GB of RAM, a 6.55 inch display, a triple rear camera array (64/8/5MP), and a roomy 4150mAh battery. Other leaked specs like a 120Hz LCD display and 128GB of storage are less authoritative. It's smaller and less powerful than the Mi 11 in pretty much every degree, as to be expected.

The Mi 11 Lite has appeared in the Indian IMEI database and on the FCC and Bluetooth SIG certification websites, so even if its existence isn't officially confirmed, it's making the usual pre-release regulatory rounds. The base model of the Mi 11 goes for 750 in Europe, so expect the Mi 11 Lite to cost considerably less in whatever local currency you're interested in. As usual, a release in the US is not expected, but China and India seem like sure bets with a later expansion to Europe likely.