Location sharing is great for keeping track of those important to you. It's also something that many forget about once it's been set up; it would be easy to share your location with someone on a day out, only to forget about it for months (or even years) to come. To help with this, Google Maps has started to remind us of whose shared locations we have access to.

These notifications began popping up a few days ago to show us who we can already keep track of. (A more useful notification would be reminding the person whose location is being shared in the first place.) It would be easy to set this up with the intention of disabling it after a trip, only to forget about it; a friendly reminder to check who can see where you are would be welcome.

Left: Assistant displaying someone's location; Right: inviting someone to start sharing their location

As the notification says, you can now ask Google Assistant where people are. "Hey Google, where is (insert name)" will display a map snippet with that person's location, provided they have sharing turned on. If the person in question hasn't shared their whereabouts with you, you can send a request right from Google Assistant.

As well as trying out the Assistant integration, this should also serve as a reminder to check your settings and ensure that your location is only being shared with people you trust.