Did you know that a devastating 81% of all account breaches across the internet are due to weak password security? Even more alarming, an overwhelming 95% of all cybersecurity breaches are attributed to human error. One way that you can ensure you're not one of these statistics is to adopt an intelligent end-to-end password security solution like Keeper for up to 30% off.

Keeper is a multifaceted password manager and secure storage vault that proudly boasts a "zero-knowledge security model." What this means is that Keeper employs encryption in a way that separates user data from the service's framework. Not only does this help protect user data if a remote data breach were to occur, but it also ensures that Keeper has no way to access its users' stored information. Whether you want to store passwords, credit card information, or even your social security number, Keeper has no master password or backdoor encryption code to access it — your data belongs only to you.

In terms of offerings, the consumer solution comes in two flavors:

Keeper plans

Keeper Unlimited is the best option for single users. This plan includes unlimited password storage, unlimited access across all your devices, and the ability to generate and autofill complex passwords for all of your accounts across the web. While Keeper Unlimited usually costs $34.99 a year, it can be yours for just $24.49 a year with a three-year subscription, thanks to Keeper's 30% discount.

For users who need a password management solution designed for groups, Keeper Family comes with unlimited password storage, a password generator with autofill capabilities, and five private vaults. Even better, this plan will only cost you $52.49 a year for a three-year plan instead of the usual $74.99 you'll find without the 30% discount.

Save 30% on Keeper Unlimited and Keeper Family plans

Keeper already offers an incredible value for the password management and security features it provides, but you can save even more. Our readers can slash up to 30% off a three-year subscription to Keeper Unlimited and Keeper Family with plans starting at $24.49 and $52.49 a year, respectively. To learn more, including how you can take advantage of this special offer, check out Keeper's website here.

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