When you're running from one meeting to another without a break in between, there's often a chance you're going to be a few minutes behind, whether it's because you need more time to finish a discussion or to take a technical break. Common courtesy is to let people know you're going to be late, but this should be as easy as possible, especially when you're already short on time. Thankfully, Google Workspace just rolled out a new feature that makes it very convenient to chat with people with whom you're about to meet.

Google Chat now automatically shows a shortcut to chat with the person you have a meeting with. The suggestion appears at the top of the Chat section in Gmail and in Google Chat. The shortcut to the 1:1 discussion will appear ten minutes before the meeting starts and persist for the next ten minutes after the appointment ends.

This new feature makes it easier to let people know you're late or to confirm actions after a meeting. It started rolling out to all Google Workspace users, except Workspace Essentials customers or users with personal Google Accounts, who won't benefit from this enhancement.