None of us want to miss a meeting, but if a notification about an upcoming one appears too early, it can be easy to lose track of time. Google's aiming to fix that with its latest update to Calendar, finally adding the option to snooze notifications right from desktop for all Workspace accounts.

By default, a snoozed notification reappears a minute prior to your scheduled appointment, giving you just enough time to jump into a Google Meet call before it's too late. To snooze, you'll need to make sure desktop notifications are turned on in settings, and that Calendar is open somewhere in your browser. Even after a meeting begins, you can continue to snooze a notification in five-minute increments until the meeting has ended.

The feature is available for all Google Workspace customers beginning today. Any Calendar users with desktop notifications already enabled will also see a one-time prompt sometime in the next few weeks, alerting them to the change and linking directly to settings to adjust when notifications should reappear. Snooze on desktop can't be disabled, but you can adjust the timing to your liking.