We all enjoy a little musical navel-gazing from time to time, and that's why Spotify created things like Spotify Wrapped, which gives you a fun year-in-review glimpse of your musical tastes. But it isn't always available — you can't just generate a new Spotify Wrapped for the last couple of months whenever you want. While it's objectively a pretty poor replacement, a new tool called volt.fm can give you a low-rent teaser of that experience on-demand.

To start, I should warn you: This tool needs basically full access to your Spotify account to work, and the list of associated permissions is pretty large. For regular folks, it's pretty low-risk, but it may not be something everyone is interested in doing, though you can revoke that access at any time.

Volt.fm doesn't have a snazzy story-based interface or any Unwrapped-style quizzes, but it does offer you a few key data details: Your top artists, top tracks, favorite genres, and a full list of your public playlists, all tied to a single profile page. Some of that data can be further subdivided to show more recent data as well, like you can see which artists you've listened to most in the last four weeks or six months. You can also toss in a short bio, adjust a handful of privacy settings, and customize your page with a theme.

The tool is clearly angling for some kind of subscription model — there's a paid "Pro" account you can sign up for which will let you do things like pick up custom short addresses, promote your playlists, and more extensively personalize your page, but it's all very superfluous. The free tier is enough to follow your own tastes a little more quickly than Spotify will give you the details, and you can swap profiles with friends.

Again, it's nowhere near as good as Spotify's first-party, interactive musical stories, and a little more like last.fm, but it's better than nothing if you'd like to see how you're weathering 2021 musically so far, and a step up from the profoundly basic Spotify profile experience.