Files by Google has come a long way in the years since its release, picking up new features and even enduring a name change. Last year an APK teardown suggested that a new feature was in the works that would allow users to favorite files and photos, exempting them from cleaning suggestions and collecting them in an easy-to-find folder. This feature is now rolling out.

The latest Files by Google update (version 1.0.362806406) arrived on the Play Store yesterday and enables the Favorites folder. Long-press a file and tap the three-dot menu ⋮ where you'll find the new "add to Favorites" button.

Left: Add to favorites button, Middle: Favorites folder, Right: Favorites collection

Once you've added something to your favorites, the folder will appear in collections on the main page. Items added to this won't be included in suggestions when cleaning files, ensuring you'll never accidentally delete them.

Left: Android 11 storage menu, Right: Files storage menu (image credit XDA Developers)

A recent teardown by XDA Developers uncovered another new feature that could be in the works. Files may soon have its own storage menu that details how much space you have and what is currently using it. As you can see, it's similar in appearance to the menu already built into Android's settings. Still, it'll be useful to have quick access to this information right within the Files app. This could be especially handy on devices with heavily skinned versions of Android that tend to hide this menu away. Hopefully, it won't be long before this arrives in the app for everyone.

This update should reach you through the Play Store, but if not, we have you covered over at APK Mirror.