Many older Android enthusiasts that dabbled in rooting or ROMing in the last decade may nostalgically remember Dirty Unicorns. Sadly, after today, all that will be left of the name are those memories, as Dirty Unicorns has decided to shut down.

This might be too old for many of our readers, but back in 2012, Dirty Unicorns got started as a nameless AOKP fork — another classic ROM that some may remember, and one of my personal favorites. This was during the Android 4.x/Jelly Bean era when Google's platform was really hitting its stride, rooting phones was an easy process, and ROMs were introducing some pretty amazing and unique features.

More recently, Dirty Unicorns built a reputation for providing a sort of Pixel-on-steroids experience, and while it may never have been successful as bigger long-standing ROMs like LineageOS (née CyanogenMod), it had a faithful following that persisted across the last decade. It was even one of my recommended ROMs when our dear Nexus 6 lost official updates back in 2017.

Sadly, less than a year after moving back to XDA, Dirty Unicorns' day is done. The project has announced that it is shutting down its servers permanently as of tomorrow. Dirty Unicorns' Github will remain up, and enterprising new developers can feel free to base new ROMs off what's there. But the very nearly ancient (in Android terms) ROM is saying goodbye.