Google Drive makes it super easy to collaborate with anyone on documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets. Being able to comment on a coworker's project plan or to take feedback on your upcoming presentation helps improve your end result. Outside of email alerts, however, it can be tough to keep track of requests, tasks, and notes on your work inside Drive. To help manage your tasks, Google is adding a notifications tab inside the Drive app for Android that allows you to view activity on every file you have stored in the cloud.

The new notifications menu can be found inside the Drive app for all Google accounts — though we should note, it isn't live for everyone yet. To find it, just select the Priority icon in the app navigation bar if you're a Workspace user, or the Home icon if you aren't, then tap on the new Notifications tab below the search bar. All Drive-related notifications will be listed here, although you can adjust your settings to control what does and doesn't make it through.

From each notification, you can view file information, open related documents, and share with your collaborators. You also don't need to have device notifications for Drive enabled to use this tab, so your phone can stay silent while still offering additional management tools.

Google Drive's new notifications center is available in the app starting today, and should arrive to all users over the next two weeks.

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