Stadia's library of available games continues to grow, steadily if slowly. The two newest titles announced as upcoming aren't earth-shattering by any means, but a sequel to a popular platforming series and a well-received 3D action game will be welcome additions.

First up is Trine 4, the latest in a series of 2.5D platformers—that's 2D movement with 3D graphics. In fact, the graphics in the fourth release are as vibrant and detailed as you'll find in just about any hardware-intensive full 3D game, ideal for a Stadia release. Trine's hook is that you can instantly swap between three characters (wizard, ranger, knight) with their own abilities and movement quirks, all the better to solve the many physics-based puzzles in the stages. Trine 4 works well as a single-player game, but also offers up to four-player co-op, locally or online. It's already been released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.

Blue Fire is an indie 3D action-platformer with a focus on huge, tricky levels that you have to navigate with precision. Its mixture of difficult combat and cute, dark graphics has drawn comparisons to Hollow Knight. Reviewers praised its tight controls and customizable character builds. Players who frustrate easily might not appreciate the challenge, but Metroidvania fans will enjoy exploring old levels with new traversal abilities. It's currently available on PC and Switch.

Trine 4 was released in 2019, while Blue Fire is more recent from last month. The games retail for $30 and $20, respectively. There's no specific launch date for either game on the service (the developers of Blue Fire say it's landing in "Spring 2021"), but the promotional videos seem to indicate that they'll be available sooner rather than later.