Despite having a fairly manageable portfolio, OnePlus is struggling to deliver the latest updates to its flagship devices. The OnePlus 8T, the company's latest offering, only got the January security patch in February and didn't receive a single Open Beta update since its launch in October — until now.

The first beta doesn't introduce any new features but solely focuses on optimizing certain aspects of the software. For instance, frame rate stability and the gaming experience have supposedly been improved. Other optimizations include animations in the weather app and the layout of the cloud service in the Gallery app. The February security patch is also bundled with the update.


  • System
    • Optimized the UI display of the status bar
    • Optimized the stability of the frame rate and improve its experience while playing games
    • Optimized the Community homepage with more noticeable notification
    • Updated Android security patch to 2021.02
  • Weather
    • Optimized the animations of sunny and cloudy days for a clearer dynamic display
  • Gallery
    • Optimized the layout of the cloud service in the Gallery for a better operation experience

Since this is an Open Beta, the experience should be fairly stable, and you may consider installing it on your daily driver. There are two different builds available, one for the Indian variant and the other for the Global variant, which can be installed via the "local upgrade" option in the system updates settings.

If you encounter bugs, you can download the rollback package available on the forum page but keep in mind that this will wipe off your phone's data.