Huawei may be in trouble due to the trade restrictions imposed by the US, but the company is still doing its best to create enticing new products. After we got a first glimpse at the upcoming P50 Pro flagship on New Year's Eve 2020, renowned leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (better known as @OnLeaks) is back with more renders that give us a way better idea of what the device will look like — prepare for an absolute unit of a camera bump.

OnLeaks reports that like most recent flagships, the P50 Pro should come with a rear panel made of glass, flanked by a metal frame. Both the front and the back of the phone should be flat. Regarding dimensions, we're supposedly looking at 159 x 73 x 8.6mm, or 10.3mm with the rear camera bump included — pretty comparable to the P40 Pro at 168.2mm high and 72.6mm wide. The display is also in line with its predecessor, supposedly coming in at 6.6 inches and sporting a punch-hole camera in the top center. Bezels appear to be almost non-existent and look mostly even on the top and the bottom, though the rounded corners don't match the radius of the case, making for a somewhat unique, quirky design.

While OnLeaks doesn't have any details to share regarding the camera hardware, the bump looks more massive than on any phone in recent memory. From the looks of the oval, protruding array, we might get two absolutely huge lenses and a flash — a refreshing move away from manufacturers trying to cram in as many lenses as possible, even if they're ultimately useless. Huawei has always been among the leading innovators when it comes to camera hardware, so it'll be quite interesting to see what the company came up with this time. Of course, no matter how great the hardware pans out to be, the lack of Google apps and services will probably make it a hard device to recommend to anyone looking for a regular Android experience.