So far, the only notable LG devices we've seen updated to Android 11 are the V60 and the Velvet (in South Korea, anyway). According to a support page on LG's German site, a few more phones will get the big software bump ... just don't expect them to be especially timely. Why would you, at this point?

According to the page (translated from German), the unlocked Velvet 5G should expect the Android 11 update sometime in April. For the G8X, it'll be sometime in May or later—"Q2 2021." The 4G version of the Velvet and the LG G8S will get the update sometime in the third quarter, while the LG Wing, K52, and K42 are expected to get it sometime in the fourth quarter. That's October or later, folks.

All seven phones on the list show the updates as "testing." Of course these listings are specifically for the unlocked European version of the phones—other regional and/or carrier variants may have even longer to wait. It seems possible, if not likely, that LG will simply disregard some of these phones. Updating to Android 11 a month or two after Android 12 starts shipping on phones hardly seems worth it (from a corporate standpoint, anyway).

LG's lackadaisical attitude towards updates stands in stark contrast to its rival Samsung, which has recently become more aggressive with frequent device updates and a four year security support promise.