If you've watched every episode of something like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Star Trek, sometimes you don't want to meticulously go in order of release. Sometimes you just want a random hit of whatever, like the old days of channel-surfing through reruns. Amazon's Prime Video player for android can now do that, thanks to a new shuffle button.

The functionality is in the latest version of the app release, available in the single episode listings of most shows. Presumably it's also showing up on Fire tablets, or will be soon. Unfortunately, due to the way that Amazon separates each show into bundled seasons, you can only shuffle the episodes within a single seasons, which really cuts down on the randomized factor. This feature was spotted in development last year.

Similar shuffle options are slowly coming to more video services. Netflix says it'll be available to users around the world soon. Hulu experimented with it a few years ago, for Seinfeld only for some reason, only to miss the chance to roll it out more widely. Strangely, there's no option to do the same thing on Amazon Prime's web interface.

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