Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has famously proclaimed that he doesn't mind his customers sharing their accounts with other people — which goes against Section 4.2 of the streaming service's own terms of use — because those other people tend to purchase their own subscription at some point. But it seems that the era of borrowed logins might soon come to an end.

A new post-login screen has caught some freeloaders by surprise, telling them they need to live with the owner of the Netflix account to continue watching before being given options to receive a one-time code via email or text or to verify ownership later. Interestingly, the prompt also gives the user a chance to sign up for a free 30-day trial — something the company doesn't give for new users at large these days. GammaWire reports from some users who saw the screen that they didn't see it recur as of yesterday.

Showbusiness in the streaming age has matured to the point where all of the major players are slowly but surely re-siloing their big franchises. Netflix sticks out as the sore thumb in terms of pricing while it attempts to commit billions in capital every year to produce and acquire content as it competes with studios standing on boatloads of broadcast favorites and original spin-offs.

If this new prompt begins to appear across the user base, we may be seeing a shift in how Netflix plans on growing — unless people suddenly have more money to spend on all these streaming services, that is. Other than that, keep in touch with your account holder.