Copying and pasting on a touchscreen has never been a seamless experience, but a recent change to the Gmail Android app appears to be making that a little bit easier. We've spotted a small interface tweak that more easily introduces a "copy" button to email addresses in the Compose text fields.

The image above shows the new behavior: tap on an email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc field and its associated name will appear, complete with new buttons for "Copy" and "Remove." The first will copy the text, the second will clear that address (and only that one) from the field. Contrast that to the old behavior, below: you have to select the address, then long-press it, to make a pop-up appear with another "Copy" button.

The old (current) version of this behavior requires a long-press and a pop-up to copy.

The new behavior doesn't appear to be contingent upon a specific version of the Gmail app, so we're guessing it's a server-side change. Google may be A-B testing the changes, since we've seen it for some of us and not others.

Developer: Google LLC
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