Terraria creator Andrew Spinks had a high-profile tiff with Google last month, citing a familiar problem: Google unexpectedly locking a personal account. It led to a highly public conversation on Google's lack of transparency, and a vow from Spinks to cancel the incipient release of the popular crafting game on Google's Stadia streaming platform. Spinks, development company Re-Logic, and Google managed to hash out the problem, confirming that the game was still on its way.

We now know that Terraria will be playable on Stadia starting March 18th, thanks to a new post on the official Stadia Twitter account. According to previous posts from the developers, it'll be based on the desktop version of the game, and will presumably cost around the same $10 price tag it sports on desktop.

Terraria is a side-scrolling crafting game with pixelated graphics, often called a 2D take on Minecraft. It's not the kind of GPU-pounding title that really shines on Stadia's streaming technology. (Indeed, it's low-power enough that a version has been out for Android for years—the developers had to reassure players that the kerfuffle last month wouldn't halt its active development.) But even so, given Stadia's well-known optics issues and Google's apparent lack of commitment to the platform, a public fight with a well-known indie developer couldn't have come at a worse time.

The future of Stadia is still very much up in the air, and one game (beloved as it is) coming to the platform won't change that. But its release at least shows that someone at Google's streaming game service still has the lights on.