Nothing beats a live meeting for rapid communication, even if you have to do it through a webcam. But it's also handy to have a record of what happened, especially if you know you'll be Asked Questions Later. To that end: the latest addition to Google Workspaces Education (previously known as G Suite for Education). Students can now record Google Meet sessions.

This functionality is already available to standard Workspace users in most of the paid tiers, but it's rolling out to Education Fundamentals (for teachers only) and Education Plus (teachers and students) now. In order for students to access the feature, it needs to be enabled by an administrator account—a sensible precaution for a product designed to be used by children.

To begin recording a session, click the hamburger menu icon in the bottom-right of a Google Meet video, then click "start recording." When you're finished, repeat and click "stop recording." The video file will be saved in your personal Google Drive. It may take as long as two weeks for this capability to land in every Google Workspace for Education user's account.