It's been a little less than two years since OnePlus introduced Fnatic Mode on the OP7, christening its high-performance gaming mode after the pro esports team of the same name. It later spread to other models older and newer with the same label. But apparently the licensing deal between OnePlus and Fnatic has ended, and the most recent software updates have changed the label.

XDA-Developers reached out to OnePlus for an explanation after some users on Reddit spotted the change in the latest betas. OnePlus confirmed that, indeed, the company's deal with Fnatic has "come to its natural and mutual conclusion." It's similar to the licensing partnership OnePlus had with dream car maker McLaren a while back. The set of options is now called Pro Gaming Mode.

The change is first visible in the new open beta of OxygenOS 11. OnePlus says that the renamed Pro Gaming Mode has all the same features it used to: blocking calls and notifications, disabling secondary SIM functions to focus on network speed, and boosting performance of the CPU and GPU at the expense of efficiency tools. Expect the new name on all forthcoming OnePlus models.