Microsoft has been all about cross-platform compliance as of late, and nowhere is that more crucial than in the Office suite. According to a new leak, some of the Office apps available on the Play Store will soon respect Android's system-wide dark mode setting, and adjust their interfaces accordingly.

Italian developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi showed off screenshots of the (presumably beta) apps with dark backgrounds, and a user-accessible setting for light, dark, and system default modes. Notably the text background for Word still shows a white page, though Paluzzi says that's subject to change. Previously OneDrive, Edge, Outlook, OneNote, and Remote Desktop were all updated with this feature.

The leaked screenshots are from Word and the Office Hub app, but reportedly PowerPoint and Excel will also get dark mode compatibility. When we'll see these updates is up in the air, though Microsoft improves its Office apps on a pretty regular basis. It ought to, since they don't come cheap.