Howdy, all, I'm Michael. If you've been reading Android Police for a long time, you might recognize me: I was part of the team between 2012 and 2017. I used to handle AP's weekly app and game roundups. Now I'm back as the site's News Editor.

I'm more or less the same flavor of nerdy as you'll find in any tech writer circle. I've been an avid Android user since I picked up a Nexus One on launch day, and I still tinker around with a custom ROM or two. (Once I upgraded to a new build of CyanogenMod on the CES show floor.) I've also been getting more into Chromebooks lately, swapping between the Lenovo Duet and the Pixel Slate, because I have a soft spot for doomed Google tablets. My daily driver at the moment is a Pixel 5.

I'll always love you, Pixel C ... even though I can tell why no one else does.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with desktop PC setups---I've been tweaking my triple-monitor work-from-home desk for basically my entire adult life. I'm a big into LEGO, cycling, and all things sci-fi. I live in the Fort Worth, Texas area with my dog Marty, and when I'm not working you'll usually find me gaming, tinkering with something mildly technical, or failing to write novels.

My work from home setup. I have a problem and I'm okay with it. 

As I settle back into the team at Android Police, I'll be directing our daily news coverage, as well as writing quite a lot of it during the week. You might see an editorial, how-to, buying guide, or review out of me on occasion. My primary goal is always to equip readers with the information they need to make impactful decisions for both buying and using the digital tools in their lives.

Elsewhere on the web, you'll find my older stories on Review Geek and How-To Geek (along with a bunch of other AP alums), Digital Trends, Slashgear, and if you dig waaaaay back into the recent history of pop culture reporting, Screen Rant. Oh, and I have literally thousands of posts here on Android Police, of course. I managed to finish writing a novel a few years ago, and you can check it out on Amazon if you like.

If you'd like to see me rant about games, movies, salsa verde, and whatever else happens to be crossing my mind, follow me on Twitter. Oh, and I'm still obsessively playing Pokémon GO. Y'all can add me if you want, I've been looking for a Kangaskhan for almost five years: 1683 1981 9078.